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We have designed our awards program to award Webmasters/ Web Mistresses for their hard work and dedication to bring great content to the web. Please read our criteria and fill out our form. We thank you for visiting our site. We have three awards and we will determine which award will be given.









Apply for Our Award

It may take time to get to all the applicants, so please bear with us. We will visit every site that is submitted to us. We will only reply to the winners of our award. All  we ask in return is a link back to our site. After you link to our site, we will list your site on our Winner's Page.


  • Both Personal and Commercial sites can apply for our award.
  • No adult, hate or discriminatory sites need apply.
  • Site must have content and not just a links site.
  • No dead links. Everything should be working.
  • No under construction signs. Complete your site and then apply.
  • Graphics should be your own and if not, recognition should be given somewhere.
  • Only one award is given for each site unless we feel that the site merits both awards and that will be under our discretion.
  • Load time is important. If it takes to much time you won't win our award.
  • Navigation is also important. If we get lost we can't very well review your site.
  • We will be looking for good content, design, overall layout, and whether or not your site is appealing to the eye.
  • You must display the award on your site and link it back to this site.
  • Must have more than just one page.
  • Only English language sites please.  I can't review your site if I can't understand the languge.

Award Application
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